Privacy Policy

Stylebook® is software created by left brain / right brain, LLC, and is designed to enable end users to create and organize a virtual closet of outfits.

1. Integration of Stylebook with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest is enabled by the mobile device employed by the end user, and not by left brain / right brain llc.

2. The Stylebook app may use information like your device advertising identifier (IDFA) to measure advertising effectiveness. This information may be shared with third parties in order to verify sales, estimate the number of monthly users and improve advertising effectiveness. You can opt out of information sharing by disabling the Usage Tracking setting on the Legal page inside Stylebook's Help menu. You can opt out of online behavioral advertising by visiting the AdChoices website. The Stylebook app does not enable collection of any other personally identifiable information from or about end users. Your closet contents are not shared with left brain / right brain, LLC, or with any third parties.

3. Text and/or images created by the user and/or imported by the user into the app are not transmitted to left brain/right brain, LLC, but are stored on the end user's device.

4. Images included in the app are for personal, non-commercial use by an end user, and may not be sold, licensed or otherwise transferred by an end user to any other person.


Stylebook receives compensation for purchases made through links to affiliates.

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Stylebook® is a trademark of left brain / right brain, LLC.

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